Family Fun Updates!


We're so sorry we've been missing from the blogosphere for so long! But not to worry - it's only because we're so hard at work making the Race For Freedom such an amazing event! Here are the most recent developments:

First, we'd like to recognize a significant sponsor and partner in the movement to end human trafficking in Wichita. The wonderful staff at KMUW, your local source for National Public Radio, has teamed up with Race For Freedom and ICT S.O.S. to promote the race, and even has a team of ten participating!

Second, we've added fun family activities to the day! I can't tell you everything, but I can see face painting, balloon animals, and other fun things headed their way! It's never too late to sign up for the Family Fun Run - a gentle, relaxing way to support our cause and enjoy exercise with the whole family.

Not to worry - we won't be gone as long this time. There's just too much to share!!

This is How We Help - And You Can, Too.

We have a very exciting, timely way to show exactly what the Race4Freedom will benefit, and the awesome things that can happen when people get involved.

Yesterday afternoon, a young woman in Oklahoma was rescued from her trafficker by organizations working together - people working together - first to minister to her on the street, and then to come to her aid when she called for help to leave "The Life". She and her two-year-old son have been rescued and brought to an undisclosed location right here in Kansas. They have nothing but the clothing they were wearing at the time.

This is an amazing success - each young woman, man, and child rescued from slavery is awesome. But there's still more to do. By visiting ICT S.O.S., you can see the needs of this particular family, and links to donate if you are moved to do so. Also, you can see the tremendous effort taking place right here in Wichita to end human trafficking.

And by reading, running, walking, and volunteering - you're all making a difference. Register for the Race4Freedom today!

Small Business Sponsorship!

Attention small business owners!!! We at Race For Freedom know that booth prices can sometimes keep you from sponsoring local races. But not anymore!!

For $30, your small business, organization, or nonprofit can "rent" a very special "booth" at the Race For Freedom!  You will have one Port-A-Potty (yes, we said Port-A-Potty) to decorate as you choose - we're not holding you back! Past "booths" have had a butler with hand sanitizer, fresh towels, and mints. Some have handed out samples of their tasty treats. One booth even had a red carpet leading to the entrance.

For $30, a little work, and a lot of creativity, you could have the undivided attention of one person at a time - quite the opportunity to make an impression!For more information, or to request booth space, click on this link: Port-A-Potty Sponsorshipor contact us directly! And please, share this opportunity with friends and colleagues!

Not a Runner? Not a Problem!

I'll let you in on a little secret... The first time someone spoke about the Race4Freedom 5K, I was all over it - until I realized I was actually supposed to run five whole kilometers. However, my fellow leaders quickly put my mind at ease... I wasn't going to have to "run" anywhere, and could still help the cause, and in so many ways.

If you happen to choose another sport for your exercise (like swimming, for me) but know a good cause when you see it (like, say, Race4Freedom??) there is still plenty of opportunity to support the movement to stop human trafficking in Wichita. Let me explain!

Walk - If you're not a runner but would like to join in the movement, you can absolutely walk the course - and you won't be alone! It is our hope to host a race that everyone can happily participate in, regardless of skill level. Bring your little walkers, too - this is a race to promote freedom, a cause worth teaching at a young age.

Be a "Virtual Runner" - We know that you have busy lives, and while we would love to have you  be a part of our celebration on September 8, we realize that other commitments may keep you from attending. However, we would like to propose a mutually beneficial solution to this problem - becoming a "Virtual Runner". By registering to become a "Virtual Runner", you donate to this incredibly deserving cause and receive a race shirt in the mail! You can support Race4Freedom anywhere you are - just as human trafficking isn't specific to Wichita, KS, neither is our support base or our appreciation.

Spread the Word - We have a great race and a great celebration planned. Now, we need people with whom we can celebrate! Share our cause and our celebration with anyone and everyone. We've seen dramatic increases in our Facebook and Twitter friends, but we always want more!

As always, thank you to our amazing leadership team and volunteers, our sponsors, and runners, walkers, and supporters alike! We couldn't do any of this without you!

Here's the Course!!

We're one week closer to the Race4Freedom! With that development comes exciting new tools and tips from our fabulous race crew! Above, you'll see the course that you will have the chance to run on September 8 - a fast, flat course that takes you through the Indian Hills area, along the Arkansas river for 1/2 mile, and begins and ends at Carpenter Place - the very organization we're running to support!

And here is the best part! Now that our route is finalized, you can add this course to your training program! Simply click the button of the program you currently use, and you can be running the Race4Freedom today!

Are you on DailyMile? Add to your routes at:

Are you on RunKeeper? Add route at:

Download GPX File for Route:


You can also download a GPX file for the course right here!

Happy running, friends! Let us know how this adds to your training!
You can always reach us on Twitter or Facebook!


Carpenter Place

In the fight against human trafficking, sometimes stories of victory and resilience are overshadowed by scary statistics. Here, we'd like to show you what we're working for, for the victims of this crime and for the communities in which it takes place.

The Race4Freedom will directly benefit Carpenter Place, a home for young women who have been directly affected by human trafficking. Recently, the residents of Carpenter Place have been making tremendous strides and giving back to the community; we run Race4Freedom so that we may help them in these goals.

In May, Carpenter Place hosted a graduation party - a huge celebration for three fabulous young ladies who are using the supports of the girls' home to make positive changes in their lives. Members of the media and the community were on hand to make this day as special as it could be - though for these three women, it couldn't be any better.

Because Carpenter Place does not use state or federal funds, relying instead on the generous donations of others, a Poker Run fundraiser was held June 2, 2012. Because of an outpouring of support from local churches and businesses, they were able to give away trip packages, golf equipment, meals, entertainment, and massage packages. The event was a tremendous success, due in large part to the fantastic sponsors and participants that made the day so special!

The women of Carpenter Place are giving back to the community that is helping them, as well. They were recently given the opportunity to work with Wichita WorkCamp to remove 21,000 square feet of graffiti from the city's bridges, allowing them a chance to make a difference in the lives of others as well.

These are only a sample of the amazing things that Carpenter Place is doing to assist women in Wichita, and we at Race4Freedom could not be more excited to help them complete their goals.

You may find Carpenter Place on Facebook or follow them on Twitter.


Great Changes!


Racers! We have news! As you will see on our new logo above, we have changed the date of the Race4Freedom to September 8, 2012. That's a week earlier than originally planned, but it's going to be even better than before! Here's how:

First, as we recognize and support other great causes as well, we did not want to interfere with the Alzheimer's Walk being held on September 15 in Wichita. We know that people in Wichita support great local causes and don't want to make people choose one over the other! Also, by moving our date up just one week, we were able to score some very talented emcees for the day to keep the show rolling along. And as if that weren't enough, we will now be able to use the entire campus of Carpenter Place, so everyone can truly see what all of their effort has gone to support!

We couldn't be more excited about the race, and we hope you are, too!

Mother's Day Discount!

Happy Mother's Day, race fans! To celebrate the wonderful women who brought us into this world, the Race4Freedom team invites you to post a picture of yourself with your mother on our Facebook page! We'll send each person who posts a picture a promotional code that will entitle you to a discount off of the Early Bird Registration price! And, just between us, that promotional code might work for an entry for your mother, too! Happy Mother's Day from all of us to all of you!

It's Training Time!

Race day is just over four months away! How are you training? I'm ramping myself up through pure excitement! Did you know that as of today, the RaceforFreedom5K facebook page has 286 "likes"? Or that we have 70 current followers on Twitter, and they just keep growing? Amazing things keep happening, and all to help get ready for this exciting event!

Back to the topic at hand, the Race4Freedom crew will be on hand at the GirlsOnTheRun race on May 12 to cheer on all of the strong women who are moving their bodies - stop by and say hi! Registration materials will be on hand... And who knows? Perhaps an early bird registration discounts? And speaking of races, ours is situated just before the Prarie Fire marathon. I'm no expert in running (sshhhh... don't tell...) but I'm thinking a 5K would be a great training exercise (or for you super-marathoners, a "light day"!).

How else are you getting ready for race day? Run on over to our Facebook page, or tell us all about it on Twitter!


Welcome to our Race For Freedom 5K!

Race for Freedom is a 5K run/walk on September 15, 2012 to benefit ICT S.O.S. The race will start and end at Carpenter Place. Our goal is to raise awareness and funding to help stop human trafficking in Wichita.

We invite you to participate in this race by either walking, running, donating or volunteering in order to create real and lasting change in our city!

Who is ICT S.O.S.?

ICT S.O.S. acts as a liaison between the professional groups (Street Outreach, EMCU, Youthville, etc.) who work with trafficked youth and the Wichita volunteers who seek ways to get involved and to find solutions!

We connect local agencies with the volunteers and resources to help facilitate their missions. The issue of sexual exploitation is a tender subject and members of these agencies are professionals who are trained to deal with the situations and needs of this under-served population.

There is a rising desire in the Wichita community to contribute to the solution. ICT S.O.S. is the go-to source for both the agencies and the volunteers as needs arise and the desire grows to become involved.