Guest Post- How do you handle injuries?


Good afternoon everyone!

I wish I had a whole bunch of good stuff to post this week about my training and readiness for the Race for Freedom 5k, but unfortunately, I got hurt…. Again!  I suffered a calf strain while playing basketball last Saturday, after only 2 MINUTES!!!!!  At least let me get a good 1st half in! Of course, my first thought was that I was going to miss the race, but I’m determined to still be there! I’ve been icing, elevating and stretching my calf out like crazy this last week!  Hopefully I’ll be back running in a few days, or at the most, a week.  I’m starting to doubt that my goal of running the whole race will happen, but I’m not going to let that bring me down. I’ll train when I can, and do as best as I can when the race comes!  Any advice from you on something I can do, or something that worked for you would be VERY much appreciated!

I was so excited to be started a boot camp class at the YMCA this week. That is, of course, until I hurt my leg. I finally agreed to do it, after an old co-worker of mine just would not give up trying to get me to go. I have gone this week, but really cannot do much.  The trainer has been more than helpful though, and has me doing some stretches and things to try and work out the calf to get it better. As of today, walking does not hurt, but running, or making a ‘power’ move with my leg still hurts. Here’s to a speedy recovery!

I hope everyone has an awesome, safe, injury-free weekend! I’ll check in with everyone next week!


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