It's Training Time!

Race day is just over four months away! How are you training? I'm ramping myself up through pure excitement! Did you know that as of today, the RaceforFreedom5K facebook page has 286 "likes"? Or that we have 70 current followers on Twitter, and they just keep growing? Amazing things keep happening, and all to help get ready for this exciting event!

Back to the topic at hand, the Race4Freedom crew will be on hand at the GirlsOnTheRun race on May 12 to cheer on all of the strong women who are moving their bodies - stop by and say hi! Registration materials will be on hand... And who knows? Perhaps an early bird registration discounts? And speaking of races, ours is situated just before the Prarie Fire marathon. I'm no expert in running (sshhhh... don't tell...) but I'm thinking a 5K would be a great training exercise (or for you super-marathoners, a "light day"!).

How else are you getting ready for race day? Run on over to our Facebook page, or tell us all about it on Twitter!