Would you like leadership experience?

Would you like to boost your resume? Join the Race For Freedom 2013 planning team and help with a great cause while you’re at it!

You do NOT need to be a runner or even have attended a race before. No matter how much time you have to invest, we have areas where you can help to make this race spectacular! Below are the needed positions as well as skill sets and approximate time considerations.

Race Day Volunteer Coordinator
This is a key position on the Race committee. This volunteer will be the main communication line to all the volunteers on race day. You will work directly with the Event Organizer and Race Director and send emails on crucial days to remind the volunteers of their duties and who they report to. For the volunteers who don’t request a special area, you will be assigning them to an area and communicating to the race day leaders the names of volunteers in their area. You will keep an excel database of all volunteers’ information and emails as well as shirt sizes for ordering. You will follow up with all the volunteers post-race as a thank you.

This is one of the most crucial positions on race day (and the week leading up to it). You will receive support from our leaders throughout the process if you have any needs or questions.
Skills needed: Prior work organizing or leading large groups of people is a must! Organization, ability to organize a lot of communication and email to the people who need it. Outgoing and friendly demeanor. Willing to be flexible to help volunteers get plugged into the correct areas. Detail oriented, making sure all volunteers receive the information they need pre-race day so they can be the most effective and feel empowered to do their work!
Time Needed: Attend Monthly Leadership Meeting, August: 2 hours per week, Race Week: 15-20 hours, Prior to August - just emails here and there.

Communications & Marketing Coordinator
We need a volunteer who is social media saavy who can take charge of the marketing and communications concerning the race. It would be an added bonus to blog occasionally on the race website about upcoming news. This position is one that will build excitement in the time before the race and manage our online image. This coordinator will work to promote the Race for Freedom by connecting with various businesses and displaying creative advertising in public places.
Skills needed: Comfortable working with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, DailyMile and other social media outlets. Ability to manage online image and integrity. Fun and outgoing person who can build excitement online.
Time Needed: Attend Monthly Leadership Meeting, July/August: 1-2 hours per week, Race Week: 5 hours.

Race Administrator
The Race Administrator is a crucial position of filtering incoming emails, writing needed emails, composing and mailing letters, assisting the race leadership with help they may need, and making sure we stay on target with our goals and time lines. This person will be very helpful the month prior to the race as well as the weeks after the race, as there are several follow up customer service emails to send in the week or two after the race.
Skills Needed: Attention to detail, ability to communicate effectively through email and letters, friendly and willingness to help. Familiarity with Google email is a plus.
Time Needed: Attend Monthly Leadership Meeting, Approx 5-10 hours per month during July and August, Race Week: 10-15 hours. Prior to August: a few emails here and there and a few letters.

Race Sponsorship Coordinator
--Not a Fundraising Position--
Volunteer needed to manage our current and possible sponsors, following up with them, getting in-kind donations picked up and writing and mailing thank you letters post-race.  Coordinating and communicating crucial information about dates and deadlines.
Skills Needed: Friendly and outgoing, customer-service mentality. Attention to detail.
Time Needed: Attend Monthly Leadership Meeting, Approx 2-3 hours per month for communication.

Race Decor Leader
This position will be in charge of designing and creating all physical signage and decorations on race day. We had some awesome decorations last year, and we can use those ideas as well as any other creative ideas you have!
Skills Needed: Ability to decorate large on a small budget, eye for design and decor, creative ideas and enthusiasm! Ability to recruit and coordinate a team of people who can help decorate on race day.
Time Needed: Attend Monthly Leadership Meetings, Race week: 15-20 hours, Race Day at 5am, and research and planning in July and August as needed.

Race Graphic Arts Volunteer
We need a volunteer who has Photoshop and can quickly design and edit our current graphics for posters, handouts, and social media. Extensive Photoshop training is not necessary, basic PS skills are just fine.
Skills needed: Ability to create and design basic content in Photoshop. Eye for design and detail. Access to email and Dropbox (free account).
Time Needed: Attend Monthly Leadership Meeting, Possibly 2 hours per month.

Entertainment & Prizes
The Entertainment Committee Leader is in charge of keeping the energy up on race day and searching out cool and unique prizes and awards in the weeks and months prior to the race. On race day, there will be a stage, an MC, music (pre-recorded), and an awards ceremony.  This committee will secure and gather prizes from sponsors and donors, and finisher medals for each participant. We will also have drawings for door prizes - so the more this leader can get donated to the race - the better the door prizes will be!
Skills needed: Outgoing and friendly person who loves to network and make connections. Someone who can talk up the race and is creative to think of great awards that will not cost and arm and a leg!
Time Needed: Attend Monthly Leadership Meeting, Possibly 2-3 hours per month.

Existing Committees to be a part of:
Below is a list and a brief overview of each existing committee, if you decide to be a part of the committee, we have additional resources and goals to help you along the way.

Contact Liz with questions at: Liz@Race4Freedom.com