Starting to Run


My name is Walker Schwartz and I'm helping Jennifer and the ICT S.O.S. team promote the Race for Freedom 5K!  I've known Jennifer for a little over a year now, primarily interacting with her and her ICT S.O.S. endeavors through Twitter and Facebook. I've been a supporter of her and the ICT S.O.S. cause ever since I learned about the issue and how prevalent it is in Wichita.  In 2012, I decided being a passive online supporter wasn't going to be good enough and I started attending the monthly meetings and quickly found a way to work with Liz and Bailey to promote the Race for Freedom 5K.  I'm so excited for this race to become a fixture in the Wichita racing community!

It became evident a few weeks ago that there was more that I could do, so I decided to start a 'Couch to 5K' program!  I quickly found an app with a program I liked, synced up some tunes and away I went.  This is the first exercise program that I've started in years, and I absolutely needed to do it.  Today, I finished my 4th week!  I have to say, this was harder than I thought (I'm not in good shape) yet extremely rewarding when I hit all my intervals and feel the progress I've made.  Soon my program will ramp up, and I will be logging my progress here on Fridays as I continue, leading all the way up to race day!

Until next Friday,
Walker Schwartz