Starting To Run


Well it finally happened.  I knew it would, eventually.  I completely missed a run.  I woke up Monday morning in an off mood, I didn't get anything ready the night before and I was just in a very whiny mood.  I'm pretty sure my lack of motivation & self-inflected terrible mood manufactured a stomach pain so I could give myself an excuse for not running.  I laid on the couch and got an extra hour of sleep.  The rest of my morning was pretty terrible, felt tense and a bit on edge.  As my day wound down it did finally hit me that I had such a crappy day because I felt a bit guilty of skipping and, more so I'm sure, I didn't have that physical release that I have been having for the past 8 weeks.  Lesson learned.  I didn't miss my other two runs this week and I've started to think about branching out into other exercise options on my off days.  I'm really liking the idea of body-weight exercises and kettlebell & battle rope routines.  I had been into body-weight programs before, about 4 years ago and I wish I had stuck with it.  These types of programs really make sense to me - no gym memberships, low costs to get started, free info online, and I can do everything in my yard.

As I finish up my C25K program I will need to up my runs so I don't level off right before the  race.  Then I'm going to need to have a new program to do - I'm wanting to find a 10K in the winter or spring ( I think there's one on Easter ).  I need to start looking for a 10K training program as well - if you have any tips please leave them below!  I can not wait for the Race 4 Freedom - it's so close!  I hope to see you all there.