Starting To Run

A finish, of sorts

Today I finished my C25K program!  While I still have weeks to go before the Race 4 Freedom I did, indeed, finish my 9 week course.  While it's certainly not the end of preparation for the Race nor the end of my running in general - it is gratifying to me to have finished something like this.  I'm pretty sure the last time I finished a complete workout program was in high school.  I plan on incrementally increasing my intervals over the upcoming weeks, my program finished with having me run for 30 minutes straight.  I need to find a personal balance between running harder and running longer - I'm sure it will reveal itself through trial and error.  I also plan on running the actual route for the 5K very soon - not only because it's extremely close to my house (because it is) but also to test myself actually running a full 5K.

I am really looking forward to experiencing my first actual race as well as seeing all the community support for ICTSOS and the great cause that it is championing.  I know that personally all of my prep for this race and writing this blog has been intrinsically focused - I sometimes lose sight of the real reasons as to why this race and organization exist.  If you need a refresher, take a look at this recent post.  I never want to keep the reason that this race exists to far from my mind.


Walker Schwartz