This is How We Help - And You Can, Too.

We have a very exciting, timely way to show exactly what the Race4Freedom will benefit, and the awesome things that can happen when people get involved.

Yesterday afternoon, a young woman in Oklahoma was rescued from her trafficker by organizations working together - people working together - first to minister to her on the street, and then to come to her aid when she called for help to leave "The Life". She and her two-year-old son have been rescued and brought to an undisclosed location right here in Kansas. They have nothing but the clothing they were wearing at the time.

This is an amazing success - each young woman, man, and child rescued from slavery is awesome. But there's still more to do. By visiting ICT S.O.S., you can see the needs of this particular family, and links to donate if you are moved to do so. Also, you can see the tremendous effort taking place right here in Wichita to end human trafficking.

And by reading, running, walking, and volunteering - you're all making a difference. Register for the Race4Freedom today!